Home lift

The home lift is the recommended product for private homes and public places in which accessibility standards must be met.

Main advantages:

  • Minimum pit of 200 millimeters.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Ecological with low energy consumption. It works with domestic electric current 230V.
  • Very quiet and comfortable, ideal for single-family homes.
  • Specific services for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.
  • Effectively facilitates the overcoming of architectural and urban barriers.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Range of accessories and options.

General Characteristics:

  • Load and capacity: from 180 kg 2 persons to 450 kg 6 persons.
  • Useful surface: from 700 x 700 mm to 1400 x 1200 mm.
  • Maximum distance: 15.00 metres.
  • Maximum number of stops: 5.
  • Piston indirect push ratio 2:1.
  • Speed: less than 0.15 m/s.
  • Very smooth and silent hydraulic drive unit.
  • Engine power: 2,2 KW and 2,9 KW.
  • Electrical voltage: Single-phase 230 Vac or Three-phase 230/400 Vac.
  • Control buttons with Braille recording and luminous.
  • Maintained pulsation with photoelectric band or normal pulsation with automatic doors.
  • Pre-assembled electrical installation.


  • Photoelectric band (light curtain) in cabin. Option of automatic doors.
  • Indoor telephone in cabin. Option integrated telephone (hidden in button panel).
  • Stainless steel push-button panel. With the following elements: Alarm button; Overload indicator; Emergency lighting; Disconnection key for use restriction; Stop switch on pushbutton panel or door opener button, if fitted with cabin door.
  • Automatic rescue device in case of power failure.
  • Fire-resistant homologated access doors.
  • Immediate mechanical clamping in the event of a hypothetical breakage or loosening of suspension cables.
  • Non-slip floor.

Directives and regulations:

This product is manufactured in accordance with:
  • Regulation 2006/42/CE.
The following standards and specifications have been used for design and manufacture:
  • Regulation UNE-EN ISO “12100-1”.
  • Regulation UNE-EN ISO “12100-2”.
  • Regulation UNE-EN “81-2:2001”.
  • REBT: Reglamento Electrotécnico de Baja Tensión (Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations).

Characteristics of the Afford model:

  • 1-speed motor.
  • Roof and skirting board in black skinplate.
  • Cabin color mouths.
  • External buttons with busy light, without arrows.
  • Half-column stainless steel cabin pushbutton panel.
  • Lighting by means of low consumption leds.
  • Stainless steel handrail.

Ascensor Unifamiliar

Characteristics of the Ebalift model:

  • Motor 2-speed soft start stop.
  • Roof and skirting board in black skinplate.
  • Roof finished in stainless steel mirror.
  • Embouchure and skirting board in frosted stainless steel.
  • External buttons with busy light and up and down arrows.
  • Button panel in frosted stainless steel column-type cabin.
  • Aluminium handrail with different models to choose from.

Ascensor Unifamiliar