Vehicle platform

Our model of ELECAR vehicle platform is ideal for any type of garage in which you want to eliminate the option of making a ramp, so we will gain considerably in space.

Suitable for installation in: Buildings with garage for single-family or multi-family use with few dwellings. Car dealerships. Mechanical workshops.

Useful surface of the platform: Sixteen possibilities of useful surface where to locate the vehicle are contemplated:

Measure 1Measure 2Measure 3Measure 4
Measure 1:
Measure 2:
Measure 3:
Measure 4:
Measure 1:
Measure 2:
Measure 3:
Measure 4:
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Measure 1:
Measure 2:
Measure 3:
Measure 4:

Estas medidas, han sido seleccionadas teniendo en cuenta los tamaños de la práctica totalidad de turismos presentes en el mercado europeo.


On the side of the guides, the platform is equipped with a full wall barrier, which covers the entire length of it with a height of 2.00 mts. The other three faces are covered by an immaterial barrier, consisting of three 1.5 mts photoelectric bands, which will prevent the movement of the platform while the vehicle is not correctly located.


In the accesses to the platform, there will be installed doors homologated for garage, sectional type, equipped with device that will prevent the movement of the platform if any of the doors is not properly closed, or the opening of a door, if the platform is not perfectly level in its corresponding plant.

Security Features:

  • Emergency switch.
  • Parachute valve.
  • Automatic leveling.
  • Limit switch.
  • Doors with mechanical and electrical interlocking.
  • Perimeter protection, material and immaterial.
  • Non-slip floor.
  • Manual lowering device.
  • Thermal motor protection relays.
  • Use restriction key.
  • Indoor telephone.
  • Emergency lighting and rescue system.

Directives and Regulations:

This product is manufactured in accordance with:
  • Directive 2006/42/CE.
The following standards and specifications have been used for design and manufacture:
  • Regulation UNE-EN ISO “12100-1”.
  • Regulation UNE-EN ISO “12100-2”.
  • Regulation UNE-EN “81-2:2001”.
  • REBT: Reglamento Electrotécnico de Baja Tensión (Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations)

Main advantages of the car lift:

  • Very quiet and comfortable.
  • Ecological with low energy consumption.
  • It can work with domestic current.
  • It does not need a machine room.
  • Reduced pit and escape.
  • Minimal shaft dimensions.
  • Minimum maintenance…
  • Maximum safety.
  • System of compensation chains for a perfectly level elevation.
  • Easy and quick installation.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Maximum load: 2.500 kg.
  • Maximum distance: 4.50 meters.
  • Pit: 0.45 mt for routes of up to 3.80 mt. For the maximum route of 4.50 mt, a pit of 0.80 mt would be necessary.
  • Escape: 2.75 mt for all cases.
  • Speed-Lifting power: – 0.05 m/s with 4 CV 230 V three-phase and single-phase motor. – 0.10 m/s with 10,5 CV 400 V three-phase motor. – 0.15 m/s with 13 CV 400 V three-phase motor.