Platform Stairlifts

This type of product is aimed at people who need access to their home through a wheelchair or any other type of vehicle for people with reduced mobility.

In Regalift we are specialists and we have 2 models of stairlifts depending on the need of each user.

Hydraulic model:

Indicated for straight staircases with short travel with inclined displacement along the staircase or vertical displacement.

  • These stairlifts have a maximum load capacity of 150 kg, the speed of 0.1 m / sg.
  • Another option is vertical displacement, which allows architectural barriers with heights of up to 1.8 metres to be overcome with a maximum load of 200 kg at a speed of 0.1 m/sg.
  • Both have all the safety systems to comply with the European Directives in force (Elevator with CE marking. According to the machinery directive 98/37/CE).

Electric Model:

It is one of the stairlifts that allows the overcoming of architectural barriers for both curved and straight staircases.

  • Ideal for wheelchairs, it can also be supplied with a folding seat and a reduced pedestal in all those cases where the dimensions of the staircase are very determining due to its reduced width.
  • Powered during its displacement with a group of batteries of 24 Vdc, make this machine the ideal choice where the energy network is not stable, as they require the same only for recharging
  • the group of batteries, which is a very small size.
  • Pleasant in its design, easy to use, silent and protected by safety systems according to CE standards, “STEPPER” is an accessibility solution wherever it is installed.
  • Since it works with electric motor of Batteries it does not need any external element of the machine, such as control panels, motors etc.